Worcester Shire

Method Copper engraved
Artist Rocque, John
Published c.1769
Dimensions 155 x 196 mm
Notes Published in 'England Displayed. Being a New, Complete, and Accurate Survey and Description of the Kingdom of England, and Principality of Wales.'

John [Jean] Rocque (c.1704-1762) was a Huguenot emigré surveyor who worked in London from about 1734. His early work was concentrated on large scale plans of the estates and gardens of the Crown and aristocracy. As his reputation grew, his projects became more ambitious; he embarked on large-scale surveys of English towns and individual counties. Perhaps his best known works are his survey of the Cities of London and Westminster.
Rocque also prepared large numbers of maps of the countries and parts of the world, often issued separately, which accounts for their scarcity. In 1746 he produced a set of pocket-sized county maps for "The English Traveller".
Framing unmounted
Price £40.00
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