The Paregon Theatri. An Exhibition of Ancient World Maps.

The maps in this exhibition represent the largest collection of Ortelius’ works ever held by Sanders of Oxford. Together they provide a remarkable timeline of Classical geography, from the very earliest histories of Egypt and the Ancient Near East, to the Byzantines, Vandals, and many other Post-Roman nations that connected Ortelius’ Europe to the Classical Mediterranean.

Weird & Wonderful.

The days grow colder, the nights are closing in, and the staff at Sanders of Oxford have come over all peculiar. This Friday the 13th, in the lead up to Halloween, we are pleased to present a selection of weird and wonderful prints, a celebration of all things ghastly, ghoulish, grotesque, and gruesome.

The items in the following catalogue range from the hellish and horrific to the arcane and amusing. Highlights include a sixteenth century Lutheran world map of the Antichrist, a separately published memento mori optical illusion, a collection of freakish figures from theMonstrorum Historia, and an exquisite piece of baroque phantasmagoria depicting the Temptation of St Anthony.

A Catalogue of Recent Acquisitions.

We are constantly cataloguing new arrivals, which get uploaded onto our website on a weekly basis. In this catalogue we have complied a small collection of our most interesting, unusual, and uncommon prints, which have come through the door over the last few months.

The catalogue covers the broad spectrum of material that we deal in, from Rowlandson caricatures to seventeenth century botanicals, and includes sporting prints, British and foreign topography, caricatures and satires.

Miniature to Massive .  A Catalogue of Maps

This catalogue brings together a collection of very small, and very large, recent cartographic acquisitions. The maps included range from miniature, sixteenth century, pocket atlas city plans, to impressive large-scale double hemisphere wall maps. These items are complimented by a collection of maps featuring all four continents, which were printed in unusual formats, such as Matthias Quad’s map of Africa from his Quarto Atlas and Vincenzo Coronelli’s two sheet map of England and Wales published in his epic Atlante Veneto.

TOP TEN. A Catalogue of Sanders’ Most Wanted.

2017 marks a number of important anniversaries here at Sanders of Oxford. The company celebrates its 90th birthday, and the current owners, Sarah and myself, mark our 15th and 10th years respectively here on the High Street.

In 1927 Francis (Frank) James Hawking Sanders took over the lease at Salutation Inn, 104 High Street, Oxford, continuing a tradition of selling books, prints, and maps from this premises since the mid 1840’s.

The two current owners of the shop, Sarah Boada-Momtahan and myself, have in turn brought the shop into the twenty first century, retaining at the same time the traditional charm and atmosphere of this historic property. Sarah celebrates 15 years of hard work at Sanders this year, and to mark the occasion, will be releasing a catalogue next month of her fifteen favourite items.

2017 also marks my 10th year of employment with the firm. I started working for Sarah, and the late Christopher Lennox-Boyd, as a shop and gallery assistant. Over the last decade I have worked in the basement, on the shop floor, and in the office. I have had the joy of meeting and talking to a vast array of customers and this has resulted in a whole host of curious requests and questions.

This catalogue celebrates my time, so far, here at Sanders, and provides a snap-shot of the top ten most frequently asked questions I have received.

If there is anything we can help you find, please ask!

Philip Marston

SHIN-HANGA MINIATURES. Woodblocks by the Watanabe Hanga-ten

Sanders of Oxford is pleased to present an exhibition of exceptional Japanese woodblock miniatures, published by the Watanabe hanga-ten (print-works) and showcasing the works of three masters of the shin-hanga movement: Hasui, Koitsu, and Shotei.

In addition to these exquisite early twentieth century images of the Japanese landscape, the exhibition also features two rare survivals by the young artist Yasuji, whose short life produced some of the Meiji era’s most haunting works

John Kay. A Catalogue of Caledonian Satires

Sanders of Oxford is pleased to present a collection of fifty two caricatures by the Scottish satirist, John Kay. Together, they provide a fascinating insight into aspects of political, social, and domestic life in Edinburgh during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

A Catalogue of Recent Acquisitions.

We are constantly cataloguing new arrivals, which get uploaded onto our website on a weekly basis. In this catalogue we have complied a small collection of our most interesting, unusual, and uncommon prints, which have come through the door over the last few months.

The catalogue covers the broad spectrum of material that we deal in, from Piranesi's views of Rome to William Nicholson's lithographs of Oxford University, and includes mezzotint portraits, British and foreign topography, caricatures and satires.


Maps, Maps, Maps forms the third and final map related exhibition, and catalogue, to be hosted, and published, by Sanders in January, 2017. This catalogue of recent acquisitions features a varied collection of maps depicting the world, heavens, continents, countries and counties.

MAPPING the ANCIENT WORLD, Ortelius, Hondius, and Moll.

An exhibition of antique maps of the Ancient and Classical Mediterranean.

The following catalogue features some of the finest examples of sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth century cartography of the Ancient Mediterranean. Mapping the Ancient World is the first exhibition of its kind to be hosted by Sanders of Oxford, and showcases the work of three master geographers and antiquarians, Abraham Ortelius, Jodocus Hondius, and Herman Moll.

The maps in this catalogue are testament to the renewed interest in and interpretation of classical geography in the early modern period. The voyages of discovery in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries led to rapid expansion in Western cartographic knowledge, but the role of classical geography in these discoveries is often overlooked. When considering the history of exploration the likes of Hecataeus, Herodotus, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Strabo, and Pliny perhaps do not spring to mind in the same manner as a Columbus, a Magellan, or a Drake, but their contributions to our understanding of the globe, and our position on it, are in many ways the greater.

All works are available to purchase and will be on display in the gallery from 20th January

17th Century Oxford. From Medieval Town to Royal City.

An exhibition of antique plans, panoramas and county maps of Oxford and Oxfordshire.

The collection of maps presented in this exhibition has been collated over a number of years and is the first time in thirty years that a collection such as this has been offered for sale. The seventeenth century in particular offers a fascinating backdrop, not only in terms of Oxford’s development and related historic events, but also in the significant strides made in British map and atlas production. Cartographically, the seventeenth century is unprecedented. It provided us with the first county atlas of the British Isles, by John Speed, in which the county map of Oxfordshire is certainly one of the highlights. It saw the publication of the first English road atlas, by John Ogilby, and as a result the first county maps to include roads. Alongside this was the first full visual survey of Oxford University in David Loggan’s Oxonia Illustrata.

The exhibition provides a near complete survey of all the maps and views, produced in the seventeenth century, to feature Oxford.

All works are available to purchase and will be on display in the gallery from 13th January

Dark & Wintery Nights, An exhibition of Shin-hanga landscape prints.

Before you get caught up in the Christmas rush, Sanders of Oxford invites you to our latest exhibition of 20th Century Japanese landscape prints.

The Japanese landscape print, like the landscape itself, continually evolves. Steeped in symbolism, it can depict the particular or ambiguous and can show a yearning for the Japanese past or glorify in the modern. From ukiyo-e to sosaku and shin-hanga, a centuries old preoccupation with Japanese landscape and its atmospheric variations of hour and season is displayed in these timelessly beautiful works.

All works are available to purchase and will be on display in the gallery from the 10th November.

The work of Edward Coley Burne-Jones.

A collection of Photogravures from ‘The Work of Edward Burne-Jones, Photogravures Directly reproduced from the Original Paintings’.

All works are available to purchase and will be on display in the gallery from the 6th October.

An exhibition catalogue of small-scale prints.

Sanders of Oxford is pleased to present our second exhibition of the year, a fine collection of small-scale etchings and engravings spanning over four centuries. The exhibition comes off the back of our catalogue ‘Beyond the Press’, which consisted of prints at the other extreme of the size chart, and features works by Rembrandt, Paul Sandby, John Martin, Edward Calvert and Samuel Palmer amongst many others. The catalogue and exhibition are presented chronologically in four sections; 16th & 17th Century, 18th Century, Victorian Etchings & 19th Century, and 20th & 21st Century. All works will be on display in the gallery from Thursday 2nd June, 2016.

Antiquities of Greece & Rome.

Oxford University has one of the finest Classics departments in the world and off the back of this our location at the heart of the University City has allowed us to continually deal in prints of Classical antiquity. However we are pleased to present our first formal catalogue on the subject, offering a brief overview of the celebrated decorative, architectural and archaeological achievements of ancient Greece and Rome from some of the key publications of the 17th and 18th centuries.

Beyond the Press, a catalogue of large-scale prints and maps.

Beyond the Press brings together an eclectic collection of prints and maps from the 18th and 19th century that are unified by their size and scale. All items in this catalogue are either printed on more than one sheet, use more than one printing plate or have pushed the printing plate to its physical limit..

The catalogue is available to browse below.

Famous and Infamous, A catalogue of Female Portraiture.

The engraved portrait is one of the longest running traditions in printmaking, but despite a prevalent interest over the years in the depiction of women, we have never collated our extensive range of female portraiture. We are, therefore, excited to release our most recent catalogue, Famous and Infamous, providing a brief overview of this grand tradition from high society portraits to depictions of criminals and courtesans.

The catalogue is available to browse below.