Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn

Method Mezzotint
Artist [Anonymous]
Published London Published Jany. 1st, 1790, by Robt. Wilinson No. 58, Cornhill.
Dimensions Image 333 x 251 mm, Plate 359 x 251 mm, Sheet 410 x 289 mm each
Notes A very rare set of four mezzotint drolls depicting the four seasons with a woman as the central focus.

Winter: A woman stands full length in a fur edged cloak, over her full dress, her hands in a muff, a large dark feathered hat over a lace cap on her head, a spaniel to her right, snow on the ground, a snow covered tree behind her, three men ice skating to her right in the background. Four lines of verse below: Stern Winter begins his Blus'tring reign/ And Snows, & Frosts, invade each Nymph & Swain./ Wrapt in her Cloak of Furr & Muff you See/ What Mortals in the Winter life must bee. Collector's mark on verso in old ink JC Smith 5-4857 (John Chaloner Smith, L.2295bis).

Spring: A woman stands full length turned to the right in alight coloured dress, a dark shawl, a dark hat with a light coloured ribbon on her head, she is picking flowers, a swan shaped fountain spurting in the background left, flower in the foreground, flowers and and railing in the background right. Four lines of verse below: In Flowry mantle genial Spring is drest/The Child of hope od every good possesst/ When Turtles Coo, & pleasing Linnets Sing/ Just So, the earl, life of man is Spring. A manuscript note on verso in old ink JC Smith 5-4854 (John Chaloner Smith, L.2295bis).

Summer: A woman stands full length in a light coloured dress with patterned sleeves and over skirt, dark wrapped shawl, and a light coloured hat on her head, a fan in her right hand, a tree in full leaf behind her right and a man harvesting wheat in the background left. The scene behind matches the scene in Winter but in a different season. Four lines of verse below: Intensely Phebus pours the Summers day/ The industrius Reapers pants beneath his ray/ The Golden Ears are Noble to the Sight/ So, full grown man, exult with new delight. Manuscript note on verso in old ink JC Smith 5-4856 (John Chaloner Smith, L.2295bis).

Autumn: A woman stands full length turned to right in a mid coloured dress,with a sawl o lace cuffs, bows on the insides of her elbows, a muslin shawl on the top, an apron over her skirts, a light coloured hat with ribbons on her head, she has a bunch of grapes in her right hand, her left out stretched towards grape vine growing against a wall, a tree branch over hangs the scene, and a rotunda in the background left. Four lines of verso below: With glowing Fruit See rich Pomona Shines/ The Juicy grapes depend from curling Vines/ The Prime of Life by Autumn is exprest/ When Sober Judgment Sways Within the breast. A manuscript note on verso in old ink JC Smith 5-4854 (John Chaloner Smith, L.2295bis).

Ex. Col. John Chaloner Smith

Condition: Good impressions with light overall time toning to paper and old mount stains.
Framing unmounted
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