Volcanic Productions of the Euganean Hills

Method Etching
Artist Jacopo Leonardis
Published [London: John Manson, c. 1825]
Dimensions Image 245 x 365
Notes A detailed engraving of various pieces of volcanic stone, together with volcanic production in situ in the Euganean Hills. Plate 25 from Jacapo Leonardis' rare publication 'A series of plates representing the most extraordinary and interesting basaltic mountains, caverns and causeways, in the known world: fifty engravings'. The engravings for this series are 18th century but only published in the first quarter of the 19th century. This plate was first published in 1775, in volume 65 of the Royal Society's scientific journal 'Philosophical Transactions' (inscribed below plate in its common abbreviation 'Phil. Trans'.)

Jacopo da Leonardis (1723-1794) was an Italian printmaker and publisher. He was born in Palmanova in the Venetian Republic, and lived and worked in Venice. Leonardis was a student of both M. Benville and Tiepolo, and obtained the first prize at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice. Although he specialised in engraving plates for book illustrations, he also etched a number of plates after Italian masters, including Giulio Carpioni, Sebastiano Conca, and Tintoretto. He was also known as Giacomo or Jacopo da Leonardis.

John Manson (fl. 1796-1800) was an English printmaker and publisher working in London. Between 1796-7 he worked at 6 Pall Mall, London.

Condition: Trimmed to printed border and laid to album page . Hand written title and artist inscribed underneath.
Framing unmounted
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