View of the Encampment in the Museum Garden, August 5th, 1780. View of the Late Encampment in St. James's Park, August 1780. View of the Encampment in Hyde Park, from Marshal Sax's Tent.

Method Copper engraving
Artist James Fittler and F. Chesham after Paul Sandby
Published Published as the Act directs by G. Kearsley No. 46, in Fleet Street, Octr. 1st 1780. Decr. 1st 1780. Septr. 1 1780.
Dimensions Images 131 x 182 mm, Plates 173 x 212 mm, Sheets 212 x 267 mm
Notes A set of three engravings after drawings Paul Sandby of the British Military encampments formed in Hyde Park, St.James's Park, and in the Gardens of the British Museum. The military were deployed in the city of London during the riots of June 1780. From 'The Copper Plate Magazine'.

Condition: A few light spots of foxing.
Framing unmounted
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