Valentinus Kötzler, Doctor, et Reipubl: Noriberg Consiliarius, Natus 1499. Denatus Ao. 1564.

Method Mezzotint
Artist Carl Clemens Kretschmann
Published [c. 1690]
Dimensions Image 216 x 148 mm, Sheet 219 x 149 mm
Notes A rare and early mezzotint portrait of Valentin Kötzler wearing a fur-trimmed gown and beret, with his left hand holding the trim to his coat and his right arm resting on his chair. The Kötzler coat of arms features behind. The portrait is likely to be after the oil painting by Nicolas Neufchatel, 1564. One of only three known portraits by Kretschmann, the others being a self portrait and a portrait of Jeremias Kretschmann.

The portrait is inscribed above and below in negative by burnishing away the plate. The inscription above outlines details of the sitter and below are four Latin verses "Cui Jus Nobilium Cerae Rubrae Arma, Valorem ... Carolus, ob divae munera mentis, Hic Est." Signed bottom right with monogram "CCK fec".

Valentin Kötzler (1499-1564) was a legal scholar and Jurist in Nuremberg.

Carl Clemens Kretschmann (fl. 1667-1700) was a German artist and painter.

Hollstein 1 i/ii with monogram below inscription on right.

Condition: Trimmed to plate. Surface rubbed, small pinholes to face of sitter.
Framing unmounted
Price £200.00
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