To be sold with his Engagements the famous Race Horse Woolsack got by Jack Painter...

Method Etching with hand colouring
Artist after William Heath
Published Pub June 18-1829 by S. Gans 15 Southampton St. Strand Sole Publisher of P. Prys. caricatures/ None are original without this publication
Dimensions Image 203 x 322 mm, Sheet 257 x 358 mm
Notes A black race horse "Lot 3" with the head of Chancellor Lyndhurst, the purse of the great seal used as a saddlecloth, from a series satirising the rumours that the ministry had broken up in 1829, due to difficulties with Prime Minister Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington.

Full title reads: 'To be sold with his Engagements the famous Race Horse Woolsack got by Jack Painter out of Nothing by Placeman and Dam the Expence is very quick at turning and well calculated to ride to the Dogs.'

John Singleton Copley junior, Baron Lyndhurst (1772-1863) was the son of an American painter, who settled his family in England when John was still a child. His father died in 1815 and left his family with many debts, for which John took responsibility and it paid off in instalments, being able to restore his family to a comfortable life. He was elected as Lord Chancellor three times.

Pirated impression by S. Gans of William Heath's caricature, originally published by Thomas McLean, with changes to the publication line feigning authenticity.

William Heath (c. 1794 - 1840) was an ex-Captain of Dragoons, illustrator of colour-plate books, and prolific caricaturist. From around 1827 he used the pseudonym Paul Pry (from the name of a character in a comedy of 1825 by John Poole, that became a tag used for any very inquisitive person) with the emblem of a small man holding a walking stick in a lower corner of his plates.

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Condition: Trimmed within plate mark. Ligh staining. Minor tear to top edge, not affecting image.
Framing unmounted
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