This is the size of one H-Bomb [Oxford anti-nuclear pamphlet]

Method Lithograph
Artist [Anonymous]
Published The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Hall the Printer, Ltd. Six Brewer Street, Oxford [c.1962]
Dimensions 220 x 140 mm
Notes A rare piece of anti-nuclear ephemera, distributed by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament for a demonstration march through Oxford on Saturday, 24th of February 1962. The pamphlet was printed to raise awareness of the plans for nuclear testing in the Christmas Islands, permission for which was granted to the Americans by the British government for testing their Polaris and Atlas bombs, despite the previous condemnation by Macmillan and Kennedy for similar testing done by the USSR. On the front of the pamphlet, a simple circular map shows the area within the two mile radius of destruction in the event that a H-Bomb was dropped on central Oxford. Aside from Carfax at centre, the only other points on the map are Cutteslowe, Marston, Cumnor, and Cowley. The accompanying text grimly records the statistics of such an event: 'If a two megaton bomb was dropped over Carfax no-one in Oxford would survive. The area of total destruction is at least 4 miles across. The area destroyed by firestorm would stretch from Woodstock to Abingdon and the radioactive fall-out, which travels hundreds of miles, would poison the air we breathe and the food we eat.'

Condition: Central horizontal fold. Creasing to sheet, particularly corners. Minor time toning.
Framing mounted
Price £425.00
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