The Shaking Minarets at Ahmedabad. Drawn on the spot in 1809, by Capt. Grindlay.

Method Aquatint with hand colouring
Artist T. Fielding
Published London. Pub. R. Ackermann Strand. 1826.
Dimensions I: 210 x 275 mm
Notes The Siddi Bashir mosque with its 'shaking' minarets is believed to have been built by a slave of Sultan Siddi Bashir in such a way as to be resistant to earthquakes. Grindlay wrote of the mosque: "the most remarkable circumstance attached to this building is the vibration which is produced in the minarets, or towers, rising from the centre of the building, by a slight exertion of force at the arch in the upper gallery."
Abbey Travel 442, 4
Framing mounted
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