[The Seasons]

Method Stipple
Artist Peltro William Tomkins after William Hamilton
Published Published as the Act Directs June 20 1798 by P.W. Tomkins No. 49 New Bond Street, London.
Dimensions Image 198 x 180 mm, Sheet 468 x 356 mm
Notes An angel sits upon a cloud, looking up towards the left, and playing a harp with their right hand. In their left hand, they hold a scroll inscribed with four lines of verse. Plate from James Thomson's "The Seasons".

Peltro William Tomkins (1759-1840) entered the Royal Academy schools in 1775, and was taught to engrave by Francesco Bartolozzi. Tomkins gave drawing lessons to the daughters of George III, and in 1793, he was appointed historical engraver to Queen Charlotte. He was a major book illustrator and engraved the plates for The British Gallery of Pictures, Thomson's Seasons, Tresham's Gallery of Pictures (1814) and Illustrations of Modern Scripture (1832).

William Hamilton (1751-1801) trained initially as an architectural draftsman, but soon moved to theatrical portraits and scenes from plays. Hamilton became very well known for his paintings depicting episodes from the plays of Shakespeare and for his illustrations of poems. He was elected an Associate of the Royal Academy in 1784, and was became a Royal Academician in 1789.

Condition: Heavy water staining and foxing to edges of sheet.
Framing unmounted
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