The hon,,ble Robert Monckton, Governor of New York; & Commander in Chief, of His Majesty's Forces at ye Reduction of Martinico.

Method Mezzotint
Artist after Thomas Hudson
Published [c.1760]
Dimensions Image 133 x 113 mm, Sheet 147 x 112 mm
Notes Robert Monckton (1726 - 1782) was an officer of the British army and a colonial administrator in British North America. He was the first British Governor of Quebec.

Thomas Hudson (1701 - 1779) was a British portrait painter and collector of Old Master drawings. Born in Devon in 1701, he was a pupil of Richardson, whose daughter he married in 1725. He was active in the West Country and London between 1730 and 1740. His draperies were frequently painted by Joseph Van Aken (d. 1757), who also worked for Ramsay and Pickering. The young Reynolds was his apprentice 1740-43; and he also taught Wright of Derby and Mortimer. He worked in France and the Netherlands in 1748; paid a brief visit to Italy with Roubiliac in 1752; and worked in London between 1742 and the mid 1750s. He exhibited with the Society of Artists in 1761 and 1766.

Chaloner Smith ENA 114 i/i, Lennox - Boyd i/i, O'Donoghue 3

Ex. Col.: Hon. Christopher Lennox-Boyd

Condition: Trimmed to image to top and sides, publication line cut off to bottom.
Framing unmounted
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