The Enchantress

Method Mezzotint
Artist Jonathan Spilsbury after R. Murray
Published Printed for Jn.° Ryall at Hogarth's Head in Fleet Street London. [c.1765]
Dimensions Image 305 x 253 mm, Plate 354 x 253 mm
Notes Text below image:
'Little Cupids basking lie,
In the Sunshine of her Eye,
Zephyrs Court her fragrant Breath,
Sporting round her Lips, & Teeth,
On her Cheek the Roses blow,
On her Neck the Lillies grow,
All that's gracefull, all that's sweet,
In her Snowy Bosom, Meet!'

A half length portrait of Sarah Taylor turned to the right, looking at the viewer, wearing a wide hat, a necklace made of four strings of pearls, and a cape tied shut with a bow at the base of her neck, its hood on her back, trees in the background to left. With eight lines of verse below. Framed in a 19th century, 18th century style gilt frame.

Sarah Taylor (neé Crawford) was the wife of a musician at Sadler's Well named Taylor and possibly the daughter of one of the opera managers.

Jonathan Spilsbury (c.1737 - 1812) was a British printmaker and painter. Spilsbury was born in Worcester and had a brother of John (q.v., with whom often confused). He moved to London c. 1757, where his aunt had married Jonathan Richardson. It appears that he worked from his brother's shop in Russell Court, off Drury Lane, c. 1763-69. From 1785-89, he taught at Harrow School, then in Ireland as a private tutor, returning to London 1791, where he published prints from his address at 10 St George's Row.

R. Murray (fl. c. 1763-1770) was a British artist, primarily known for his paintings.

Chaloner Smith 14, Russell 14, Lennox-Boyd ii/ii, O'Donoghue 1

Condition: Some minimal surface rubbing around edges, a small stain lower left margin.
Framing framed
Price £550.00
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