The Descent of the Holy Spirit

Method Copper engraving
Artist Simon Gribelin after Charles Le Brun
Published [c. 1700]
Dimensions Image 76 x 158 mm, Sheet 82 x 162 mm
Notes A depiction of the descent of the Holy Spirit unto St Mary, the apostles and other followers of Christ, on the day of the Pentecost.

Simon Gribelin (1661-1733) was a French printmaker and metal engraver. He was born to a family of watchmakers and engravers in Blois, and fled to England before the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, because of his Huguenot ties. He lived and worked in England from 1680's onwards, settling in London in 1690. Gribelin's print oeuvre was mostly dedicated to engravings after Old Master paintings. He made a series of prints after the Raphael Cartoons, and another after Peter Paul Ruben's Whitehall ceiling.

Charles Le Brun (1619-1690) was a French painter and art theorist, and an important figure in 17th century art in France. He apprenticed with Francois Perrier and Vouet. From 1642 to 1645, Le Brun spent time in Italy with Nicolas Poussin, whom he was greatly influenced by. Le Brun later began working for Louis XIV, from whom he received numerous commissions, most famously the decoration of Versailles. In 1662, Louis XIV named Le Brun 'Premier peintre', and is said to have declared him "the greatest French artist of all time". Le Brun also played a prominent role in the reorganisation of the Académie de Peinture et de Sculpture, of which he became director.

Condition: Excellent impression. Trimmed within plate mark.
Framing unmounted
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