"The Champion of 1885."

Method Lithograph
Artist Spy [Sir Leslie Ward]
Published Vanity Fair Supplement, Vincent Brooks, Day & Son, Ltd. Lith. [May 25th, 1905.]
Dimensions Image 316 x 189 mm, Sheet 397 x 266 mm
Notes Issue 1908: 'Men of the Day' No.965

John Roberts Jr (15th August 1847 - 23rd December 1919) was the second champion of the English Billiards Association, holding the title in 1870, 1871, from 1875 to 1877, and finally in 1885. Roberts was personally involved in the codification of the Rules of Billiards in 1885, and consolidated his position as champion by defeating long-term rival William Cook.
Framing unmounted
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