The Bedmaker

Method Etching
Artist Edward Bradley
Published [1849]
Dimensions Image 136 x 97 mm, Plate 150 x 113 mm, Sheet 246 x 185 mm
Notes A satirising depiction of a college bed maker, with an abnormally large head, holding a broom in one hand and a bottle to her mouth with the other and standing before a cupboard filled with more bottles. From the third part of Bradley's "College Life. A Series of Original Etchings". This series formed the inspiration for his later book "The Adventures if Mr. verdant Green".

Inscription below image: "Ye Collegianne his Bedde-Makere ... bye youre leave. - From "Ye Books of Merrye Jestes"

Reverend Edward Bradley (1827-1889) was a cleric, ordained in 1850, but also an artist and novelist. He learned wood engraving from George Cruikshank, made book illustrations, most notably to his own works "College Life" and "Verdant Green". He also made watercolours and photographs.

Condition: Overall time toning. Staining from previous mount outside the plate mark.
Framing unmounted
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