The Bachelors Dream. The Oxford credit system.

Method Etching
Artist Rev. Edward Bradley
Published c.1850
Dimensions Image 92 x 147 mm, Sheet 126 x 184 mm
Notes Working proof impression of plate 19 to College Life. A Series of Original Etchings, by Edward Bradley, B.A. (stock number 20406).
A student lying in bed, dreaming about his debts, with his creditors, various bills and objects appearing around him.
Text courtesy British Museum..
The original works which were the inspiration for 'Verdant Green.'

Rev. Edward Bradley (March 25, 1827 - December 12, 1889) was an English author, illustrator, wood-engraver, watercolourist, photographer and reverand. Born in Kidderminster, he studied at Durham University where he graduated in 1848. He then spent a year at Oxford but never matriculated. He was ordained in 1850. He used the pen name Cuthbert Bede, B.A.. He learned wood engraving techniques from George Cruickshank and whose influence can be seen in Bradley's illustrations. His most famous work was The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green, on the experiences of an Oxford undergraduate. He was also a contributor to Punch, The Gentleman's Magazine, Illustrated London Magazine, Illustrated London News, The Boys' Own Annual, and Notes and Queries.

Condition: foxing and staining to left and top of sheet.
Framing unmounted
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