Sr Francis Drake

Method Copper engraving
Artist John Goldar
Published London, Engraved for Harrison's Edition of Rapin. Publish'd as the Art directs Augt. 9 1786
Dimensions Image 186 x 159 mm, Plate 284 x 191 mm, Sheet 413 x 242 mm
Notes A portrait of Sir Francis Drake, shown bust-length, turned slightly to the right, wearing a lace collar and gorget. From Harrison's edition of Paul Rapin de Thoyras' (1661-1725) Histoire d'Angleterre which was published in ten elaborate volumes between 1724-1727. The work was then translated into English as the History of England and added to by Reverend Nicholas Tindal (1687-1774) in the early eighteenth century.

Sir Francis Drake (c.1540 - 27th January 1596) was an English naval commander, explorer, privateer, politician, and Elizabethan courtier. Drake's two greatest maritime achievements were his circumnavigation of the globe from 1577 to 1580, and his various actions against the Spanish Armada, while serving as vice admiral of the English fleet. His circumnavigation was the second successful attempt in history, after Magellan and Elcano, and the first to be completed by a single captain. Drake was an implacable and constant enemy of the Spaniards, preying upon the Spanish treasure fleets, and ushering in the first great era of piracy and privateering in the West Indies. The King of Spain, Philip II offered a reward for Drake's life of 20,000 ducats, but it was dysentery, rather than the Spanish, that eventually took his life, while he was anchored off the coast of Panama.

John Goldar (1729 - 1795) British printmaker and engraver based in London.

Harrison & Co was a British publishing firm active in London between 1772 and 1838. Established by James Harrison I and Samuel Brooke, the partnership later included James Harrison II. Between 1798 and 1803 the firm traded as Harrison, Cluse & Co. Cluse, active between 1793 and 1799, was Harrison's barber as well as his publishing partner. In 1793, Cluse was depicted as Harrison's Barber in an anonymous satirical woodcut from the Wonderful Magazine.

Condition: Strong impression with wide margins. Light stain to centre left. Minor repaired damage to the plate at left eye.
Framing unmounted
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