[Spectators in an arena viewing the ascension of Muzio Muzzi's 'Aereonave Rettiremiga']

Method Lithograph
Artist Zannoli & Co after G. Meloni
Published Bologna: Lit. Zannoli e Co. [c. 1834]
Dimensions Image 285 x 320, Sheet 405 x 505 mm
Notes Crowds watch the inaugural flight of Muzio Muzzi's 'Aereonave Retirremiga' airship. This spectacular invention was here built in model form, but granted a permit on the 12th of May 1844. It consisted of a hot-air balloon heated with a Davy lamp and attached to two large hand-operated propellors. As Muzzi came from Bologna, Meloni has shown its imaginary ascent in the arena outside the Porta San Vitale.

Condition: Time toned with wear and creasing to margins. Central vertical fold.
Framing unmounted
Price £400.00
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