Spain and Portugal

Method Steel engraved with hand colour
Artist Becker, Francis Paul
Published London Geo Virtue, Ivy Lane c.1840
Dimensions 199 x 243 mm
Notes From Becker's 'Omnigraph Atlas of modern geography' published c.1843.

Francis Paul Becker (1807-1863), was a British mapmaker who was active in London. He developed a machine which made very precise steel engravings. The machine was able to engrave letters onto the steel plate simultaneously with the illustration, instead of someone having to engrave each letter by hand. This method allowed for atlases to be produced cheaper and faster than before. Becker patented his machine as the "omnigraph" in 1842. A year later he published the first edition of his 'Omnigraph Atlas of Modern Geography, compiled from the latest and most authentic sources, and including all the recent discoveries throughout the world'.
Framing unmounted
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