Solon [ Les Sept sages de la Grèce]

Method Copper engraving
Artist Jean Couvay and Abraham Bosse after Claude Vignon
Published [Pierre Mariette I, c.1640]
Dimensions Image 350 x 214 mm, Sheet 356 x 219 mm
Notes Inscription in two columns either side of title reads: 'Je veux qu'on ayt cherché sur la terre & sur londe / De quoy rendre Croesus le plus heureux de monde / Qu'il ayt cucore plus qu'il n'auoit souhaitté. Que des plus puissants Roys il attire l'enuie; / Si sa mort n'est heureuse aussy bien que sa vie, / Je doute justement de sa felicite'.'

Solon, standing full-length in the foreground, holding a skull with his left arm; vases and coins at his feet; in the background, at right, Croesus showing his riches to Solon.

From a series of seven plates representing the Seven Wise Men of Greece. The plates were engraved by Couvay (figures) and Bosse (background). Traditionally, each of the seven sages represents an aspect of worldly wisdom which is summarised by an aphorism. "Keep everything with moderation." Solon of Athens (c. 638 – 558 BC) was a famous legislator and reformer from Athens, framing the laws that shaped the Athenian democracy.

Lothe 101, Duplessis 1461, Blum 1466, IFF 66 (Couvay).

Condition: Trimmed within the plate, creases to sheet, small tears and stains to inscription space.
Framing unmounted
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