Schuine Ronde Aard-Klooten

Method Copper engraved with hand colour
Artist Keizer, Jacob
Published Published Amsterdam, N. T. Gravius, 1785.
Dimensions 175 x 240 mm
Notes Attractive double hemisphere world map showing the Polar projections, published as 'De Nieuwe en Ouden oppervlakke en Doorzigtkundige Aardryks Bollen Getekent' in 1747 by Jacobus Keizer in Amelo and in Deventer by Jan de Lat. Later republished in 'Nieuwe Natuur-Geschied- en Handelkundige Zak- en Reis-Atlas' ('New Nature-, History and Economical Pocket and Travel Atlas') by G. Brender a Brandis in 1785.

The double hemispheres are surrounded by informative text and projective spheres.

Inscription to top left: "II Schuine Ronde Aard-Klooten ... Deventer door Ian de Lat", explaining that the double hemispheres have been projected with Paris at their centre.

Inscription to top right: "De Maan is 50 maal kleiner ... halve Aard-kloots middellynen", saying that the moon is 50 times smaller than the earth, measuring the same as 54 to 62 times half the earths' meridian.

Inscription to lower left: "De Diameters van de Planeten ... Maan ruym als 1/4 tot 1", comparing the length of planets diameters against that of the earth.

Inscription to lower right: "Volgens de zekerste Observatien ... 27 maal kleiner dan de Aarde", comparing the overall size of the Sun and the planets against the earth's size.

Condition: Vertical folds as issued, time toning to sheet.
Framing mounted
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