Portugalliae et Algarbiae Regna cum confinibus Hispaniae Provinc. simul vero peculiari Mappa Brasiliae Regnum in America Meridionali cuius ora maritima Regem Portugalliae Dominum veneratur et Primogenito Regio Infanti prope dicata floret

Method Copper engraved with hand colour
Artist Seutter, Matthäus
Published recentissima delineatione publici juris facta Cura et Studio Matthaei Seutteri S. Caes. M. Geogr. Aug. Cum Gratia et Privil. S.R.I. Vicariatq. in partibus Rheni, Sueviae, et Juris Franconici. [Augsburg, c.1730]
Dimensions 495 x 575 mm
Notes A large and decorative map of Portugal, from Seutter's 'Atlas Geographicus oder Accurate Vorstellung der Ganzen Welt.' The map divides the kingdom into its provinces, presented in full wash colour, and with neighbouring provinces of Spain outlined. Cities and towns are picked out in red, and the map features a very large decorative title cartouche in the top left corner, featuring the Arms of Portugal and the Algarve, as well as symbols of the Kingdom's maritime power and mercantile wealth, with a fleet of ships in the background, Neptune on a chariot pulled by hippocamps, and gold, ivory, and textiles under the foot of the nation personified. In the bottom left corner, a very large inset map shows the Captaincies of Brazil.

Matthäus Seutter (1678-1757) was a German cartographer. He was born in Ausburg and studied engraving with Johann Homann in Nuremberg. He later went back to his hometown to work at Jeremias Wolff's publishing house. In 1707 Seutter started his own cartographic printing business. He would publish the 'Atlas Geographicus Accurate', 'Atlas Minor' and 'Atlas Major' and even become the imperial geographer under Charles VI. Although his sons Georg Matthäus and Albrecht Carl were involved in the business, after Seutter's death, his sons-in-law George Balthazar Probst and Conrad Lotter took over the publishing house and re-issued many of his plates.

Condition: Central vertical fold as issued. Blank on verso.
Framing unmounted
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