Plate XXXI [Gallande, La Teton de Venus, Noblesse Peach]

Method Aquatint with hand colouring
Artist George Brookshaw
Published Painted & Published as the Act directs by the Author G. Brookshaw, June, 1806.
Dimensions Image 406 x 312 mm, Plate 447 x 345 mm
Notes From Pomona Britannica; or, A collection of the most esteemed fruits at present cultivated in this country; together with the blossoms and leaves of such as are necessary to distinguish the various sorts from each other. (Issued in parts from 1804-1808, the first complete edition published in 1812).

George Brookshaw (c.1751-1823), also known as G. Brown, was a notable English painter and illustrator from London. The publication of the Pomona Britannica marked the re-emergence of the acclaimed artist into the public eye after a total disappearance of nearly a decade. A successful cabinetmaker with the patronage of the Prince of Wales, Brookshaw suddenly disappeared from view in the mid-1790's. With the Pomona Britannica, Brookshaw not only trumpeted his return but demonstrated the skills he had acquired in a new metier: botanical art. Characterised by the highest standards of production and artistic quality, the superb illustrations that Brookshaw drew and engraved for the book remain perhaps the most sumptuous and distinctive of the early nineteenth century. Many of the specimens were taken from the Royal Gardens at Hampton Court and Kensington Gardens, among other great British gardens. This magnificent and stylistically unique work took Brookshaw nearly ten years to produce. Rivaled only by Dr. Robert Thornton's Temple of Flora, Brookshaw's Pomona Britannica is considered to be the finest British botanical work of its time. Brookshaw's fine illustrations make excellent use of the rich, modulated tones that the aquatint process creates.
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