[Plate XCV. Phalaena Neustria, Lackey Moth]

Method Etching with original hand colouring
Artist Edward Donovan
Published [c. 1793]
Dimensions Image 200 x 117 mm, Sheet 230 x 133 mm
Notes From Edward Donovan's Natural History of British Insects, which was published in several volumes between 1792-1813. Edward Donovan (1768 – 1837) was an Irish born collector of natural history specimen. He travelled through England and Wales and published an account of his travels with accompanying engravings from his own sketches. These beautifully engraved and hand coloured engravings are from his 'Natural History of British Insects', the full title of which is "The Natural History of British Insects: Explaining Them in Their Several States, With The Periods of Their Transformations, Their Food, Oeconomy etc. Together With the History of Such Minute Insects As Require Investigation By The Microscope". He founded the London Museum and the Institute of Natural History in 1807, to exhibit his massive collection of specimen, admitting the public for free. Donovan was believed to possess a considerable fortune, but this evaporated because of the general decline in English economy after the Napoleonic Wars as well as his problems with booksellers and publishers who retained rights over his literary works. He ended up having to close the museum in 1817 and after attempting for many years to bring his case to court, he died impoverished.

Condition: Good impression with fine hand colouring.
Framing unmounted
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