Plate 49. Sophocles. ex marm. antiq.

Method Etching
Artist Jan de Bisschop
Published c.1671
Dimensions Image & Plate 172 x 105 mm, Sheet 363 x 228 mm
Notes From Jan de Bisschop's Paradigmata Graphices Variorum Artificum, Per Ioh: Episcopum, ex Formis Nicolai Visscher (The Hague: Nicolaes Visscher II, 1671).

Etching of a bust of the ancient Greek tragedian Sophocles (c. 497 - 406 BC).

Jan de Bisschop (1628 - 1671), also known as Johannes Episcopius, was a Dutch lawyer, draughtsman and etcher. Born in Amsterdam, Bisschop was taught to draw by the painter Bartholomeus Breenbergh (1598 - 1657). A founding member of the Confrerie Pictura, Bisschop mainly worked in Amsterdam, and was active in Italy between 1655 and 1657. He is best-known for two publications: Signorum Veterum Icones (1668/9), a series of 100 plates of classical and Old Master sculpture, and Paradigmata Graphices Variorum Artificum, (1671), a series of 57 plates of classical and Old Master drawings and busts. Intended as teaching tools for other artists, Signorum... and Paradigmata.. were published in various editions, often as one volume, until the 1740s.

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