Plate 30 1. Echino melo Cactos 2. Sicus Indica Spinosa 3. Euforby tenella planta. 4. Euphorbiu Cerei effigie.

Method Copper engraving with hand colouring
Artist Emmanuel Sweert
Published Jan Jansson, Amsterdam, 1647.
Dimensions Image 320 x 195 mm, Plate 327 x 208 mm
Notes A plate depicting succulents from Florilegium Amplissimum et Selectissimum. Emanuel Sweert (1552-1612) was prefect of the gardens of the Emperor Rudolf II in Prague. His Florilegium was first printed in Frankfurt by Kempner in 1612 -1614. It was originally a sales catalogue for plants and bulbs from Sweert's gardens, to be sold at fairs in Frankfurt and Amsterdam, but now these very attractive engravings are regarded as fine examples of 17th century botanical illustration and are much collected. Comprised of 110 plates Florilegium depicts over 560 plants on 110 plates copied from de Bry's 1611 Florilegium . With text in German, French, Latin, and Dutch the work was popular and ran to six editions between 1612 and 1655.
Framing mounted
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