Philip Affleck, Esqr.

Method Mezzotint
Artist John Young after Edward Penny
Published Cockspur Street, London, 1792.
Dimensions Image 462 x 350 mm, Sheet 498 x 350 mm
Notes Inscription below image: 'Painted by Edd. Penny R.A. Rear Admiral of the White, Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Ships at Jamaica & the Bahama Islands.'

A full length portrait of Philip Affleck, admiral in the British Navy. Affleck is depicted seated, leaning on a small side table. The table is covered with navigational equipment such as a small globe, a ledger and his right hand is resting on what appears to be a map. Affleck is wearing full naval uniform, a powdered wig and a sword attached to his side.

Philip Affleck (1726-1799) was an admiral in the British Navy. Born in Suffolk, he held various positions throughout his career but most notably was commander in chief of the ships at Jamaica and the Bahama Islands.

Edward Penny RA (1714-1791) was an English portrait and historical artist. He is most noted for his part in the establishment of the Royal Academy of Arts, in which he was the first professor of painting.

Chaloner Smith 1

Condition: Trimmed to image, pressed vertical fold to right side of image, repaired tear to right sheet edge.
Framing unmounted
Price £220.00
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