Petrus de Iode [Pieter de Jode I]

Method Copper engraving
Artist Pieter de Jode the Younger after Ferdinand Elle
Published Io. Meyssens excudit. [c.1649]
Dimensions Image 137 x 110 mm, Sheet 160 x 113 mm
Notes Portrait of the engraver Pieter de Jode I, originally published without plate number in Image de divers hommes desprit sublime qui par leur art et science... (Jan Meyssens, 1649).

Inscribed beneath image with title and four lines of French text.

Pieter de Jode I (1570-1634) was a Flemish painter, engraver, art dealer and print publisher from Antwerp. He was the son of Gerard de Jode and the brother of Cornelis de Jode, who were both mapmakers. He was taught to draw and engrave by his father, and later by Hendrik Goltzius. During the 1590s he travelled in Italy, visiting Rome, Venice and Siena. He returned to Antwerp in around 1599, and joined the Guild of Saint Luke there. He became Dean of the Guild in 1608. Between 1631 and 1632 De Jode worked in Paris. He was married to Susanna Verhulst, who was the niece of Pieter Coecke van Aelst, and the sister-in-law of Jan Brueghel. He was the father and teacher of Pieter de Jode II. His other pupils included Pieter de Bailliu, Johann Caspar Dooms, and Nicolaes Rijckmans.

Pieter de Jode II (1606-c.1674) was a Flemish painter and engraver. The son of Pieter de Jode I, he was born and worked in Antwerp. In around 1628, he was made a master of the Guild of St. Luke. Between 1631 and 1632 he worked with his father in Paris. He also worked in Brussels (1667). De Jode is best known for working for Anthony van Dyck as an engraver on his Iconography series. He accompanied Van Dyck several times to England, and continued to work on the series after the artist's death. He was married to Justa Galle (the widow of Adriaen Collaert and the daughter of Philip Galle), Elizabeth Loemans, and Clara van den Enden (sister of Martinus van den Enden). His son Arnold de Jode (b.1638) was also an engraver.

Ferdinand Elle (1570-1637) was a French portrait painter. Born in Mechelen, he taught his son, the painter Louis Ferdinand Elle the Elder, and Nicolas Poussin. From 1601 he was court painter to Louis XIII.

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Condition: Trimmed to top and left image margins.
Framing unmounted
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