"Pembroke" [Rev Ernest John Smith 1888}

Method Chromolithograph
Artist Hay
Published Vincent Brooks, Day & Son Lith 1888
Dimensions Image 318 x 190 mm
Notes Vanity Fair portrait of Rev Ernest John Smith (1851-1911). His Vainty Fair biography states 'It is on the River that Mr. Smith has achieved his greatest glory. There is no figure better known between Jesus Lock and Baitsbite than that of the Dean in his light and dark blue blazer, animating the toils of the fifth boat. He teaches rowing also in his rooms, and has been known to encourage the oar men from the pulpit. He believes in Mesmerism. He is much admired by the fair Girtonites. He is a scholar, a Christian, and a gentleman.' However Rev. Smith never rowed in the Boat Race nor at Henley.
Framing mounted
Price £120.00
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