[Paper Mill at St. Martin's, near Richmond]

Method Etching
Artist George Cuitt II
Published 1814
Dimensions Image 185 x 133 mm, Plate 182 x 134 mm, Sheet 227 x 176 mm
Notes A view of the old paper mill at St. Martin's in the wooded countryside, near Richmond, focused on the mill-wheel next a cottage, lifting water from the stream.

George Cuitt II (1779-1854) was the son of the English painter of the same name. He showed a talent for drawing at an early age and was helped by Sir Laurence Dundas of Aske, who sent him to Rome, where he studied for six years. On his return he settled at Richmond, where he painted both landscapes and portraits but settled later in Chester. He etched old buildings such as castles and abbeys in Yorkshire, Chester and North Wales. Cuitt studied Piranesi's etchings of Rome and it is clear how much his style is influenced by Piranesi in subject matter and with the ruins covered with thick vegetation. He etched several series of studies in the early 19th century. Cuitt was also a drawing teacher and etcher.

Condition: Trimmed to image and printed on india laid paper.
Framing unmounted
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