Oxfort, een vermaerde Stadt in Engeland, een on vergelyke aenqueeckster van Konsten ende Studien [Prospect of the City of Oxford]

Method Copper engraving
Artist Pieter Schenk
Published P. Schenk ex: Amstel: cum Privil: [1702]
Dimensions Image 188 x 249 mm, Plate 210 x 260 mm
Notes A rare, finely engraved prospect of Oxford, with the title inscribed below in Dutch and Latin.

The view was featured in Schenk's 'Hecatompolis, sive Totius orbis Terrarum Oppida Nobiliora Centum; exquisite collecta atque eleganter depicta'. Issued in 1702, the publication featured 100 finely engraved views of trading cities from across the world. Of the cities depicted, 65 were western, 12 were eastern, 13 were African, and 10 were American.

Petrus Schenk, also known as Pieter or Peter (1660 - 1718/9) was a Dutch engraver and mezzotinter, and became a major publisher of both prints and maps. Born in Elberfeld, Germany in 1660, Schenk moved to Amsterdam in 1683 where he became a pupil of Gerard Valck. He became a skilled exponent of mezzotint engraving, which he practised until 1695, at which point he focused on making and selling maps. Schenk's work was similar to that of Jacob Gole, and was mostly copies of portraits and topography.

Condition: Light time toning just outside plate mark from old mount. Adhesive marks and minor staining to edges and corners of sheet, not affecting plate or image. Toned on verso from old mount.
Framing framed
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