"Oxford Physiology"

Method Chromolithograph
Artist Spy [Sir Leslie Ward]
Published Vanity Fair, May 17, 1894
Dimensions Image 330 x 195 mm, Sheet 405 x 275 mm
Notes Professor Sir John Scott Burdon Sanderson, (1828 - 1905) was an English physiologist born near Newcastle upon Tyne. A member of a well known Northumbrian family, he received his medical education at the University of Edinburgh and at Paris. In 1882, when the Waynflete Chair of Physiology was established at Oxford, he was chosen to be its first occupant. In 1871, he discovered that Penicillium repressed the growth of bacteria, an observation which places him among the forerunners of Alexander Fleming.

Sir Leslie Matthew Ward (1851 – 1922) was a British portrait artist and caricaturist who over four decades painted 1,325 portraits which were regularly published by Vanity Fair, under the pseudonyms "Spy" and "Drawl". Such was his influence in the genre that all Vanity Fair caricatures are sometimes referred to as "Spy Cartoons" regardless of who the artist actually was. The portraits were produced as watercolours and turned into chromolithographs for publication in the magazine.
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