Oxford Loyal Volunteer

Method Aquatint with hand colouring
Artist Thomas Taylor
Published Published Jan.1.1799, by T. Taylor, High Street, Oxford.
Dimensions Image 230 x 76, Plate 258 x 198 mm, Sheet 370 x 280 mm
Notes To face the French threat at the end of the eighteenth century, the Volunteer Act was passed in 1794 which raised volunteer corps and companies fro the general defense of the country incase of invasion. A particular attraction for members of these volunteer companies was that it gave them exemption from the more onerous militia service and the system was extended by a further Act in 1797. Local support was provided by the Oxford University Volunteers and the Oxford City Volunteers and they were amongst 8000 enthusiastic part-time soldiers who marched past George III in a birthday parade in Hyde park on 4th June, 1799. Whilst the militia was for the lower class, the Volunteers was full of the upper and middle classes.
Framing unmounted
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