Method Chromolithograph
Artist Spy [Sir Leslie Ward]
Published Vanity Fair, Vincent Brooks, Day & Son Ltd. Lith. March 21 1891
Dimensions Image 342 x 194 mm, Sheet 383 x 242 mm
Notes A full length portrait of Oliver Villiers Russell, 2nd Baron Ampthill in his rowing blazer and Oxford University Boat Club cap.

Oliver Villiers Russell, 2nd Baron Ampthill, (1869 – 1935) was a British peer, rower and administrator who served as the Governor of Madras from October 1900 to February 1906 and acted as the Viceroy of India from April to December 1904. Whilst at New College, Oxford Ampthill rowed for Oxford three times against Cambridge in the Boat Race (1889 to 1891), winning twice. He was president of both OUBC and the Oxford Union in 1891.

Sir Leslie Matthew Ward (1851 – 1922) was a British portrait artist and caricaturist who over four decades painted 1,325 portraits which were regularly published by Vanity Fair, under the pseudonyms "Spy" and "Drawl". Such was his influence in the genre that all Vanity Fair caricatures are sometimes referred to as "Spy Cartoons" regardless of who the artist actually was. The portraits were produced as watercolours and turned into chromolithographs for publication in the magazine. These were then usually reproduced on better paper and sold as prints.

Condition: Dark time toning in left margin not affecting the image.
Framing unmounted
Price £110.00
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