Onna Seigen: At the Ferry of the Sumida River

Method Woodblock (nishiki-e)
Artist Utagawa Kunihisa II (1832-1891)
Published 1863 (Junin 2), 2nd month
Dimensions Ôban tate-e triptych [Each sheet ~15.6 x 10.7 inches]
Notes Artists Seal and Signature: Kunihisa ga
Censor Seals: Dragon 2

A triptych showing a scene from the Japanese play Onna Seigen. The triptych shows Act III scene 1: At the Ferry of the Sumida River. The play follows Princess Hanako as she falls in love with the hero Matsuwakamaru. Due to issues of succession, Princess Hanako and Matsuwakamaru cannot be together. The villain of the play Sarushima Sota tells the Princess that Matsuwakamaru is dead and she is left heartbroken and so becomes a nun named Nun Seigen. In the scene depicted nun Seigen, who has become a beggar, takes a ferryboat, manned by Sota, to get back across the river to her hermitage. Seigen suddenly sees Matsuwakamaru in one of the passing crafts, but the current of the river takes her away from him. By the final act, the Seigen is dead, and her ghost appears to Matsuwakamaru and in a rage attempts to drown him.

Utagawa Kunihisa II (1832-1891) was a Japanese woodblock artist and painter.

Condition: Binding holes to margins. Minor toning to sheets.
Framing mounted
Price £675.00
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