[Night scene with children playing music]

Method Mezzotint
Artist John Gottfried Haid after Adriaen van der Werff
Published John Boydell, 1764
Dimensions Image 390 x 275 mm, Plate 431 x 277 mm, Sheet 500 x 340 mm
Notes Proof impression before title.

A group of small children play music outside a house at night. They are illuminated by the candle held by the elderly woman watching them from her open door on the left. The figures are set inside a trompe-l'oeuil stone arched window. Original painting misattributed to Godfried Schalcken, now known to be after Adriaen van der Werff.

Johann Gottfried Haid (1714 - 1776) was German engraver and mezzotinter. He worked in London for John Boydell and Henry Parker in the first half of the 1760s. In 1766 he returned to Vienna to found a school of mezzotint in the Academy there. His position was succeeded by Johann Jacob.

Adriaen van der Werff (1659-1722) was a Dutch printmaker, draughtsman, painter and architect. Pupil of Cornelis Picolet and Eglon van der Neer and brother of the painter Pieter van der Werff

John Boydell (1719 - 1804) was a leading London print publisher, printer and printmaker. His international trade did much to establish British painting on a European basis.

Condition: Good, rich impression.
Framing unmounted
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