Newcastle on Tyne

Method Mezzotint
Artist Thomas Lupton after J.M.W. Turner
Published London Published June 2, 1823; by W.B. Cooke 9 Soho Square
Dimensions Image 155 x 215 mm, Plate 195 x 250 mm, Sheet 230 x 305 mm
Notes Newcastle on Tyne constituted the the second plate in Cooke's series. Flanked by banks, Turner's Tyne weaves its way through the centre of the comoposition. Boats float on the river and figures recline on the grassy plain. The scene is an industrial one. Whilst men operate a pulley system in the foreground, distant chimneys rise from the conurbation, their smoke blending with the clouds to dramatic effect.

W.B. Cooke published a series of mezzotints by various printmakers under the title The Rivers of England between 1823-1826. The title of the series was changed to "River Scenery" in 1827, although this title appears on some prints published in 1824-1825 (also in 1826). Twenty one plates were published altogether between 1823-1827. J.M.W Turner and Thomas Girtin were the draughstmen for this work. Their drawing were engraved by Charles Turner and Thomas Lupton amongst others whilst Barbara Hofland wrote accompanying descriptions. The series appears to have been planned by Cooke in the early 1820s as a sequel in mezzotint to Picturesque Views on the Southern Coast of England, a catalogue still in the course of publication at this point.

Thomas Lupton (1791-1873) was an English mezzotinter who produced many works by Turner as well as a host of other notable British painters of the nineteenth-century. A talented engraver, Lupton also played a significant role in the technical advancement of the mezzotint. In the hope of finding a more durable replacement for copper plate, Lupton conducted lengthy experiments on Chinese tutenag, nickel, and steel. The latter proved the most perspicacious. So much so that after 1,500 impressions, a single soft steel plate could still produce remarkable prints. Lupton's endeavour was recognised by the Royal Society of Arts and he was awarded the Isis medal in 1822.

Condition: Foxing spots to sheet and time toning to lower margin.
Framing unmounted
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