"Natural Selection" [Charles Darwin]

Method Chromolithograph
Artist Ape [Carlo Pellegrini]
Published Sept 30, 1871 [Watford & London, 1871]
Dimensions Image 312 x 193, Sheet 357 x 235 mm
Notes A satirical portrait of Charles Darwin, no. 33 from Vanity Fair's 'Men of the Day' series. The likeness was published in 1871, the same year of the release of his book 'Descent of Man'. By this time, the success of 'On the Origin of Species' had made Darwin a well-regarded scientist and public figure. His portrait communicates this reverence, with Darwin seated casually on a velvet chair, his long white beard hiding a dry smile. With accompanying text page.

Carlo Pellegrini (1839–1889), nicknamed Ape (Italian for bee) served from 1869 to 1889 as a caricaturist for Vanity Fair magazine. He was the first caricaturist to work for the magazine, originally signing his work as 'Singe' and later, and more famously, as 'Ape'. Pellegrini's work for the magazine made his reputation and he became one of the most influential artist to work for Vanity Fair, in which his caricatures were to be printed for over twenty years.

Condition: Small tears to far left margin, not affecting image.
Framing unmounted
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