Method Woodcut
Artist [Anonymous]
Published [c. 1590]
Dimensions Sheets 327 x 205 mm
Notes Three sheets from a German edition of Sebastian Münster's Cosmographia, showing different stages of mining and processing silver, mercury, copper and iron, with informative inscriptions throughout and accompanied by German text.

Sebastian Münster (20th January 1488 - 26th May 1552) was a German cartographer, cosmographer, and theologian. A gifted scholar of Hebraic, Münster originally joined the Franciscans, but left the order in favour of the Lutheran Church. He was appointed to the University of Basel in 1529, and published a number of works in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. His most celebrated works are his Latin edition of Ptolemy's Geographia in 1540, and the Cosmographia in 1544. The Cosmographia was the earliest German description of the world, an ambitious work of 6 volumes published in numerous editions in German, Latin, French, Italian, and Czech.

Condition: The illustrations have varying measurements, there are ten illustrations found over three sheets. Overall time toning, and impressions from worn plates.
Framing unmounted
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