Martin Harpertz Tromp - Amiral de Hollande Tué dans une Bataille contre les Anglois, le 10 août 1653.

Method Copper engraving
Artist Matthey after P.D.
Published AParis chez Odieuvre, Md. d'Estampes, quai de l'Ecole, vis-à-vis la Samarit.e alal belle Image. CPR, c.1740s
Dimensions Image 135 x 97 mm, Plate 150 x 110 mm
Notes Maarten Harpertszoon Tromp (1598-1653), Admiral of the Dutch Navy, victor of the Battles of the Downs, the Gabbard and Schevingen. One of the most sucessful Dutch Naval Commanders of the Seventeenth Century, Tromp is credited with the development of the line of battle tactic.
Framing unmounted
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