Maria Louisa van Hessencassel, Prinssesse Douariere van oranje, enz. enz. enz.

Method Copper engraving
Artist Pieter Tanjé after Gerard Sanders
Published Societ. Bibliopol. Rotterod. Excudit./ P. Tanjé Sculps. Amst. 1751
Dimensions Image 352 x 225 mm, Plate 370 x 240 mm, Sheet 475 x 320 mm
Notes A bust portrait of Marie-Louise Hesse-Kassel, turned slightly to the right and facing the viewer, wearing a eremite cloak over a lace trimmed dress, and a shawl draped over her hair and shoulders, fastened with decorative brooches. The portrait is framed in an oval, resting on a pedestal with a relief of two putti playing in a garden, and a female figure bearing a heart pierced by arrows on her chest, is leaning against the pedestal and oval frame of portrait.

Marie-Louise von Hesse-Kassel (1688-1765) was the daughter of Charles I, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel and Maria Amalia of Courtland. She married the Prince of Oranje, Johan Willem Friso in 1710 who died during a storm within the first few years of their marriage. She was pregnant with his son William when she became a widow, and her son William Karel Hendrik Friso became the next Prince of Orange when he was born. This led to Marie-Louise becoming regent, until William came of age in 1731. She was much loved by the people, especially of Leeuwarden where she lived, and was nicknamed "Marijke Neu". When William died in 1751, she was once again called upon to act as regent for his son William V, together with her daughter-in-law Anne. Marie-Louise died just before he came of age, due to a stroke, and the regency passed to his sister.

Gerard Sanders (1702-1767) was a Dutch painter, active in Rotterdam and Düsseldorf.

Pieter Tanjé (1706-1761) was an engraver from the Northern Netherlands. Born in Bolsward, he was a shipmate for the shipping service between Bolsward and Amsterdam, and engraved designs for snuff boxes in his free time. He enrolled at the Amsterdam Stadsacademie, at the age of 24, and became the pupil of Bernard Picart, Jacob Houbraken, Cornelis Troost, and Jacob de Wit. He engraved over 100 plates for Johan van Gool's book of artist biographies 'Nieuw Schouburg' (1750), working mostly from portrait sketches by Aart Schouman.

Condition: Overall time toning. Wide margins.
Framing unmounted
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