Margaret Caroline Rudd

Method Copper engraving
Artist Gerard Sibelius after Daniel Dodd
Published Publish'd according to Act of Parliament Decr ye 2nd 1775, by William Humphrey, Gerrard Street Soho
Dimensions Image 340 x 245 mm, Plate 350 x 252 mm, Sheet 356 x 257 mm
Notes Margaret Caroline Rudd (née Youngson) (c. 1745 - c.1798) was a courtesan who was accused and later acquitted of forgery.

A notorious trouble maker in her home town outside Belfast she announced her engagement to the lieutenant, Valentine Rudd, after just ten days of him being stationed in her town. The newly married couple moved to London where Caroline proceeded to rack up debts in her husbands name. She then ran off with another man and continued to bill her husband to ruin. Due to Carolines actions Rudd was arrested and put in a debtors prision, upon his release he fled the country.

Caroline is most notorious for her involvement with the brothers Perreau, a subject upon which Sarah Bakewell has based the novel The Smart: The True Story of Margaret Caroline Rudd and the Unfortunate Perreau Brothers. Although they never married she moved in with Daniel (the more reckless of the identical twins, Robert being respectable and happily married) and fell pregnant with his child.

It is during this time that Caroline is suspected to have forged a bond stating that Robert would cover all her expenses, which she allegedly persuaded him to deliver. This resulted in both the brothers and Caroline being arrested. Caroline launched a successfull appeal declaring her innocence and both the brothers were hanged for forgery.

Gerard Sibelius (1734 - 1785) was a draughtsman and engraver. Born in Amsterdam he was active in The Hague during 1769-1776.

Daniel Dodd (fl;1761 - 1780) was a portrait and flower painter predominantly in crayons and miniature and occasionally in oils.

Condition: Trimmed to just outside plate, time toned, watermark to the top of image.
Framing mounted
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