[Mademoiselle Lamoign]

Method Mezzotint
Artist Isaac Jenner
Published [I. Jehner pinxt. et fecit. December 24, 1777]
Dimensions Image 216 x 200 mm, Sheet 232 x 208 mm
Notes A scratched title proof of this three-quarter length mezzotint portrait of Mademoiselle Lamoign, wearing a fur-lined dress and an elaborate feathered turban. She holds a song-sheet or a script in her left hand, and with her right, gestures to a tasselled curtain which hangs in front of a pair of fluted columns. The oval frame is engraved with fleurs-de-lis. The mezzotint was engraved by Jenner after an oil painting he produced in the same year, having moved to the Low Countries with his wife to expand his prospects by studying portrait painting. Jenner described the painting as showing Mlle Lemoine in the character of Zelima.

Isaac Jenner (1750-1818), born Isaac Jehner, was a British mezzotinter, engraver, and portraitist. Jenner was the son of a silversmith and planisher, but was orphaned at a young age and suffered injuries to his legs which left him disabled. He was apprenticed to the engraver John Dixon, mending old copper plates, before working under the master mezzotint engraver William Pether. Following his marriage, and the realisation that mezzotint engraving alone was unlikely to support him and his family, he moved to Lille to study oil painting. In 1779 he returned to England, and spent much of his later career preparing plates for Rudolf Ackermann. He was also the author of an autobiography for children entitled Fortune's Football, describing his life as a person living with disability.

Condition: Trimmed to plate mark at top and sides. Trimmed within inscription space at bottom, with loss of scratched title. Small puncture to the top right corner of the image. Remains of album backing on verso.
Framing unmounted
Price £225.00
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