Madam D'Avenant

Method Mezzotint
Artist John Smith after Sir Godfrey Kneller
Published 1689
Dimensions Image 311 x 250 mm, Plate 339 x 253 mm, Sheet 342 x 254 mm
Notes Frances Davenant (fl. c.1689) Wife of Charles Davenant.

John Smith (1652-1743) was a pioneer of the mezzotint process. Born in Northampton, he moved to London to become a printer's apprentice. He turned his attention to mezzotint engraving and became the pupil of Jan Van der Vaart. In the first nine years of his career Smith worked for five publishers: Richard Palmer, Edward Cooper, Alexander Browne, Pierce Tempest and Isaac Beckett. He began publishing for himself in 1687, and from 1692 worked only for himself. When Beckett died in 1688 Smith inherited his position as chief engraver to Godfrey Kneller. He engraved over a hundred plates after Kneller's portraits, giving him access to prominent members of society; who became customers.

Sir Godfrey Kneller (1646 - 1723) Portrait painter; born Lübeck, he trained in Amsterdam under Bol (possibly also under Rembrandt?). He was based in Rome and Venice from 1672-75 and settled in London in1676. He was appointed Principal Painter to William III and Mary (jointly with Riley) in 1688, retaining office until his death. Kneller was knighted in 1692 and made baronet 1715. He was appointed Governor of the first Academy in England in 1711, he often signed and dated his pictures, sometimes with monogram GK.

Chaloner Smith 76 i/ii, Russel 76 iii/iii, O' Donoghue 1, Lennox-Boyd iii/iii

Ex. Col.: Hon. Christopher Lennox-Boyd

Condition: Top right corner is torn with small loss, bottom left and top right corners creased. Trimmed to plate.
Framing unmounted
Price £180.00
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