Louis Antoine Henry de Bourbon Duc d'Enghein

Method Copper engraving and stipple
Artist Anthony Cardon after Villero Huet
Published London, Published 1804 by Anthy. Cardon, No. 31 Clipstone Street, Fitzroy Square.
Dimensions Image 252 x 188 mm, Plate 291 x 234 mm, Sheet 328 x 267 mm
Notes Louis Antoine de Bourbon, Duke of Enghien, (1772 – 1804), a relative of the Bourbon monarchs of France. More famous for his death than for his life, he was executed during the French Consulate. At the outbreak of the French Revolution, he emigrated after the fall of the Bastille, and looked to raise forces for the invasion of France and the restoration of the monarchy. At the outbreak of French Revolutionary Wars, he held a command in the corps of French émigrés. This Army of Condé shared in the Duke of Brunswick's unsuccessful invasion of France.

Framing unmounted
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