Lord Roberts

Method Lithograph
Artist William Nicholson
Published Published by William Heinemann, c.1899
Dimensions Image 231 x 243 mm, Sheet 246 x 261 mm
Notes From: Twelve Portraits. Masterpieces of subtle satire, Twelve Portraits is generally credited as being Nicholson's greatest set. It includes depictions of Queen Victoria, Sarah Bernhardt, Whistler, Kipling and Mark Twain.

Frederick Sleigh Roberts was born in India and served much of his military career there. He rose to Major-General during the Afghan war, 1878-80, and Commander-in-Chief in India, 1885-93. He enjoyed enormous popularity at home, which was much enhanced by his decisive command in the Second Boer War, 1900. He returned to England on being appointed Commander-in-Chief of the British army, 1900-04, but found himself in disagreement with government defence policy. He spent his remaining years warning against the German threat and arguing the case for national service.
Framing unmounted
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