L.E.L. Letitia Landon

Method Steel engraving
Artist Edward Finden after Daniel Maclise
Published London, Published 1835, by Saunders & Otley
Dimensions Image 123 x 99 mm vignette, Sheet 164 x 102 mm
Notes A three-quarter length portrait of Letitia Landon, in a dress decorated with bows, bonnet on her head, she holds and an eye glass. This portrait was the frontispiece to Landon's Poetical Works, 1835.

Letitia Elizabeth Landon (14 August 1802 – 15 October 1838), English poet and novelist, better known by her initials L. E. L. Letitia Elizabeth Landon was born London, England. After her schooling in Chelsea, she began contributing to a weekly literary magazine called Literary Gazette, eventually becoming one of its editors. She published several poetry collections including The Fate of Adelaide and The Improvisatrice. In addition to poetry, L. E. L., as she was known to her readers, wrote several novels, although she always considered poetry her first literary language. Her gently romantic style was very popular at the time.

Edward Francis Finden (1791-1857) was an English line and stipple engraver. Based in London, he mainly worked in collaboration with his older brother, the engraver William Finden (1787-1852). His separate works include a set of etchings for Richard Duppa's 'Miscellaneous Opinions and Observations on the Continent' (1825), and 'Illustrations of the Vaudois in a Series of Views' (1831). He was also a large contributor of illustrations to the annuals, books of beauty and poetry then in vogue.

Daniel Maclise (1806 - 1870) was a draughtsman on wood, lithographer, etcher, and history painter. He was born in Cork, son of a former Scottish soldier. He attended the Royal Academy Schools in London, 1827-28. By 1830 he had set up as a book illustrator and continued to alternate painting with illustration until the 1860s. He created illustrated editions of Dickens and Tennyson and was a major contributor to the large historical frescoes in the Houses of Parliament in the 1850s.

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