Method Chromolithograph
Artist Denis M. Jones
Published Pictorial Maps Ltd., Blandford Street, London, W.I. Printed by Chromoworks, Ltd. in Great Britain and copyright in all countries. [1949]
Dimensions 550 x 593 mm
Notes A pictorial maps of Leeds with the city coats of arms on the top and decorative board with coats of arms, important buildings, and historical figures. This map is one of a series devised and illustrated to encourage tourism during Britain's recovery after World War Two, particularly for the Travel Association of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Denis Mason Jones (March 19, 1918 - January 8, 2010) was a Leeds based architect and artist. In addition to being an architect, Mason Jones designed a series of pictorial maps of British cities for Kerry Lee's company Pictorial Maps. Mason Jones lived with Kerry Lee for a brief period in London and it is at that time he designed several maps.

Condition: Laid to board.
Framing mounted
Price £450.00
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