Le College de Wadham. Le College de Glocester Hall à Oxford. Le College de New-Inn Hall à Oxford. Le College de Pembrok.

Method Copper engraving
Artist Pieter van der Aa after David Loggan
Published [Leiden, c.1714]
Dimensions Images 334 x 405 mm, Plate 344 x 420 mm, Sheet 361 x 465 mm
Notes A composite print showing four of Pieter van der Aa's reductions of David Loggan's views of Oxford University buildings, surrounded by a decorative border and facsimile frame. The four colleges depicted are Le College de Wadham (Wadham College), Le College de Glocester Hall à Oxford (Worcester College), Le College de New-Inn Hall à Oxford (St. Peter's College), and Le College de Pembrok (Pembroke College). The individual plates had originally been engraved by Van der Aa to decorate Beverell's Les Delices de la Grand Bretagne before being reset as composite sheets with decorative borders for Van der Aa's own monumental 66 volume La Galerie Agréable du Monde.

Pieter van der Aa (1659 – 1733) was a Dutch publisher, best known for preparing maps and atlases. Despite producing his own work, van der Aa is also known for his production of pirated editions of illustrated publications and foreign bestsellers. Beginning his career as a Latin trade publisher in Lieden in 1683, van der Aa's ambition was to one day become the most famous printer in the city. In 1715, van der Aa was appointed the head printer for Leiden and its university.

David Loggan (1635–1692) was born in Danzig in 1635 and came to England around 1653. By 1665 he was living in Nuffield near Oxford and in 1669 was appointed engraver to the University. In 1675 he married and became a naturalised citizen. His 'Oxonia Illustrata' was intended as a companion work to 'Historia Antiquitates Universitatis Oxoniensis' by Anthony Woods, with whom Loggan had become acquainted some years earlier.

Condition: Even light toning to sheet.
Framing unmounted
Price £250.00
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