Method Mezzotint
Artist A. M. Huffam
Published Pub.d March,1829, by T. Gillard, 48 Strand, London.
Dimensions Image 200 x 155 mm, Sheet 260 x 190 mm
Notes Inscription beneath title reads: "How beautiful she look'd! her conscious heart / Glow'd in her cheek, and yet she felt no wrong. / Oh Love! how perfect is thy mystic art, / Strengthening the weak, and trampling on the strong." Don Juan / Canto I. Stanza 106.

A M Huffam was an English line, mezzotint engraver and lithographer active between 1825 and 1859, and born at Edmonton, near London. Huffam exhibited three plates at the Society of British Artists between 1828 and 1832, and executed plates for Herring's Sketches on the Road (1845-1847) after John F. Herring Sr. He also produced royal portraits and prints after Landseer and Aglio. Some of his works were declared to the Printseller's Association (PSA).

T Gillard was a British print publisher active in the early nineteenth-century.
Between 1826 and 1827 he worked from 40 Strand, and from 1827 from 48 Strand. He is best-known as a publisher of fancy and satirical prints. From August 1828, he published under the name Gillard & Cornish.

Lennox Boyd i/ii

Ex. Col.: Hon. Christopher Lennox-Boyd
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